CFAI EOC them now or save them till the end?

I’ve been wondering on what exactly to do with these questions. I’ve done a few sections but not too many. For level 1 I saved them all until my review month and found it to be a good general refresher on everything and set me up well for going into the exam. But given the vignette format and general lack of effectiveness the QBank is claimed to have, I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to start on them sooner. Any advice is appreciated.

I would go doing them , for two reasons: 1. You get a sense that you’ve completed the chapter / section . The test seems boring and overly detailed and unless you do the EOC questions you don’t realize what’s importantt and whats not. 2. Second , you get a huge confidence boost . Hey , if I can do the EOC questions , or understand what I don’t know and read up those , I should be better prepared , right? Next time around it would be revisions and I bet I could do much better in the revisions afterwards. Don’t skip the sections on EOC question , IMHO.

I left these until the last month before L1 and will do the same for L2. You want to get used to the CFAI style of questions as close as possible to the real thing. Just my 2cents