CFAI EOC Questions: todo or not todo?

I think I can put aside around 1 or 2 days before the exam to do the EOC’s and was wondering which ones are recommend. i.e. which EOC added the most value to your study time. I was wondering how long it takes to do all the EOC q’s? I’d also like to take sometime to say I am a big fan of the QBank. I think people look at it the wrong way. It’s not really to test application of your knowledge but to refresh the memory.

I’ve been trying to balance these two as well. Q-Bank is a good refresher and a lot faster than EOCs, but the questions are easier. I find the CFAI EOCs terribly time consuming as most of them are not MC. Not a lot of time left and I would like to move into exams soon, so I am leaning more towards reading all of the CFAI EOC Qs and Answers just so that I’ve seen them, then moving onto exams. Dealing with too much leakage here. Keep having to go back and re-read material!

EOC well worth the time, but that said they take a lot of it. Spent all weeknights last week and still have couple readings in book 6 to go.

Try the first section of Schweser Practice Exams book 2. It is all EOC problems and the explanations are good. That doesn’t cover 100% of the EOC examples though. It does cover some of the good ones.

Institutional IPS one is good - definitely will prepare you Most of them are really dragged out

If you must choose between the two, I would say go with the EOC questions rather than QBank.