CFAI EOC Questions vs Mock Exams

I will be completing the Schweser EOC questions in a couple of days and will start on the mock exams. I am not going to have time for the CFAI EOC questions unfortunately. Although I feel I understand most of the concepts pretty well from the readings and the Schweser EOC questions (and given about 3 weeks left), I’d like to have a crack at about 10 mocks exams which I think is more valuable than spending the time to complete the CFAI EOC questions (most of which are quite elaborate and tedious). In your view, is taking the time to complete the CFAI EOC questions more valuable than the mocks? What’s your strategy for the next 3 weeks given these two choices?

where did you get 10 mocks? EOCs and mocks are pretty equivalent IMHO

I think the EOC is more important and also take a few exams (not 10). You need to know the concepts, which you will learn in the EOC. The exams test only a few things, what if those things are not on the actual test. If I were you I would do the EOC. You can do them all in 3 weeks trust me. Skip the long ones if you have to, at least do the vignettes. EOC is the #1 source of prep for me.

I was hoping you wouldn’t be so reasonable starbuck but CFAI EOC it is then - will give all I’ve got for 10 days. Mocks aren’t hard to find Andrew - Schweser alone has 6 + 1 for CFAI + count the past year’s ones …