CFAI EOC questions - your thoughts on level of preparedness

If we do all of the CFAI EOC questions for ALL the topics and revise well on the ones we get wrong - is this level of preparedness enough for the exam? And do you recommend that we go straight to the mock exams after this. And realistically, how many mock exams should we aim for? I know it depends on the score - but a range would be good. Is doing 10 overkilling it?

I think if you have time for 10 then go for it, the more the better, but make sure you spend time reviewing your weak areas between each exam as that is important as well.

I will be doing 3. I’ve completed 1, spending 2 weeks reviewing, then will do the 2nd, 2 weeks of review, do the 3rd, 2 weeks of review, then the real one.

how can you have 10 mock exams? only for 2010,2011,2012, right?

I only have mock 2012. How do we get 2011, 2010???

Anyone please share.

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EOC + Schweser Tests + 1-2 mock exams is sufficient.

Think about it, 8 practice tests = almost 1,000 item set type problems. If you do 8 tests, I think your time is better spent reviewing problems you missed than taking new tests.

Agreed ftwcfa and bmer4444.

Time is certainly better spent revising with fewer exams. I will shoot for around 3 once I’m completely done with CFAI EOC.

Are you talking about the Schweser Practice Exams? If so, would a couple suffice (from volume 1)?