CFAI EOC Questions

Over the next few days, if you had to spend time re-reading CFAI section and doing EOC questions for any topics (other than IPS, Ethics and GIPS) which would you concentrate on? I am thinking it should be Fixed Income, Risk Management, and Attribution. What do you think?

I would agree. I would add execution EOC’s.

Derivatives. There are some really good ones after the options reading - you’ll be a rockstar at calculating the payoffs for the various strategies after those. Also, I am pretty sure the EOCs after the final reading of Derivs has a few item sets that cover the full study session.

Fixed income was useful - lot of short answer questions that I didnt fully write out (just read the question, thought about it and then read the answer) but gives a good idea of the concepts CFAI emphasizes… helpful since there’s so much FI material. Thought rdg 40 was useful as well (currency risk mgt) and rdg 38 (commodity) runs through cash and carry calcs which I thought was helpful – both are quick, only a few questions in each reading.

Fixed Income and Derivatives/hedging for sure (at least that for me!)

In Currency Risk Management (LOS 40), take a look at EOC problem #7… is better to do nothing, hedge via forwards or options at various strike prices? We would never have a math problem this long; however, I can see CFAI asking a question along these lines because it’s what they love to test: - can you do the basic calculations, and - can you apply these to a scenario to show you understand their application