CFAI EOC Questions

I just failed L1 in Dec.

I hear people always talking about tackling the CFA EOC questions. How important are these in the revision process?

A lot of the questions are not even in multiple Choice format, do you just do them anyway?

Any advice on what to do with EOC’s would be great. Especially from people who took L1 and passed. Not people who are taking the exam for first time- sorry.


YES do the EOC questionss, review the ones you got wrong. also do the in chapter examples (blue/grey boxes)

Do people pass the exams without doing the CFAI EOC questions? Sure…

Will they better prepare you for the exam? Absolutely. Afterall, these questions come from the CFAI. The wording and question style are likely to be the most similar to what you will see on the exam compared to what the other providers offer.

I would recommend doing them alongside practice questions from Q-bank, or whatever service you may have purchased, as well as the 'topic-based practice assessments on the CFAI website. Particularly for the four major topics in L1 - FRA, Equity, Fixed Income, Quant…

If you don’t have practie questions from another provider, the EOC questions, topic-based practice assessments, and blue/grey box examples in the CFAI texts are imperative on a “must do no matter what” level.

I skipped EOC questions when studying the 1st round. I only did concept checkers in Schweser Notes and some excercises in the blue boxes. For the 1st round, I wanted to quickly cover the whole materials. However, the second round, for each reading, I managed to go through: Blue boxes, EOC questions, and Q-bank questions (skip similar questions if needed). Rememeber to mark questions you get wrong so that you can come back at the end of the 2nd round. I even printed out Qbank questions and answers to study so that I can review my mistakes quicker (what I did is I created a test in a printed version and printed it out. Then I checked answers randomly for the software to grade mine. I printed out the grading pages with right answers and explanation).

My second round started about 4 months before the real exam. Total time I put for level I exam was 8 months: 4 months for the 1st round, 2.5 months for 2nd one (started studying ethics at the same time), 1.5 months for review and mocks. I am a 7am-7pm-er at work, btw.

If you feel the materials are dry sometimes, go online for video lectures. They are really helpful :).

I did all the EOCs and found them very helpful. I focused on CFAI materials solely aside from Schweser’s secret sauce and a Schweser online mock exam.