I get only 1 out of 6 questions right when I do the end of chapter practice problems. I read the Schweser notes fast, write up summary notes and then do the end of chapter problems - still get 20-50% right. It is really discouraging.

Any tips or suggestions as to how I can improve?

Sounds like you’re not applying yourself. Why are you reading “fast”? It’s about learning the material, not just committing it all to memory. Spend more time internalizing what you’re reading, go through the blue box problems and your performance in the EOCs will surely improve.

I have had similar issues with Schweser in the past. With level I it was great but at level II I feel the CFAI material is a much better study resource. Obviously it takes a lot more time to go through the material as well.

Familiarize yourself with the Schweser blue box and its EOC first before you attempt the CFAI problems. The latter is much harder.

Thanks guys! I also didn’t know doing the CFAI BB before EOC problems is important also. For Equity, I will totally try it.

It’s not a race. Absorption is more important then finishing something by reading fast. You need to spend as much time as you need to understand the concepts. There is nothing wrong if I spend more time to understand the concepts.

From my point of view sydneyguy is right it’s not a race, reading fast because you have to finish the book isn’t a good approach imo, maybe read slowly and try to understand what you are reading, it will improve your score because EOC questions aren’t really difficult. The real difficulty is to memory all the formula amd the subtlety of each reading but it will come with practice.