Does anybody have the EOC questions and answers in a pdf format? I would like to go through these a few times, and its annoying to have to either carry the whole book, or not be able to write in them!

If anybody does, I would greatly appreciate it if they can send it to me. my email:


I wish CFAI would produce this and make it available. But then there would be one less reason to by ebook

Exactly, it’s frustraing because I hear ebook SUCKS… so I opted to get the actual book… but now that I have the book, there’s no simple way to get the EOC…

maybe that’s why they offer us to buy both now

Even if you have the e-book, it takes forever to print. The software is not that great to print, for some reason. I have managed to print a few if I want to carry them around, without having to carry the entire book. But it would be a pain to print them all/convert into pdf…

If anyone has taken the time, I would also appreciate a copy