CFAI Error in Sample 2 MBS Question

I know this is getting a bit old – but the second question on Sample 2 contained an error. Twice during this item set the sample question is as follows (I quote directly from my screen prints): BASED ON THE RESULTS IN EXHIBIT 1, DOES MULLOTH’S ANALYSIS SHOW THAT HE IS MOST LIKELY RECEIVING SUFFICIENT SPREAD ON THE GINNIE MAE 5.5% MORTGAGE AFTER HEDGING COSTS? I have no problem with them asking the exact identical question twice – except that the first time the guideline answer is NO, and the second time it’s YES!. I believe that the intention on the first question was to ask something else altogether based on the guideline answer. I really don’t want to be a CFAI - hater, but the error rate is getting a bit high around here. When they say nobody ever got 100% on a CFA exam, I didn’t know they included the test-writer. And, yes, in case you were wondering, this flub did prevent me from officially (though not technically) tying McLeod’s outstanding sample score of 97%. Now I’m forced to take Sample 3. Urgh.

Wasn’t exhibit 1 the two bond hedge? If I remember correctly there was a net 7 or 70 bps cost to the two bond hedge and you were getting ~170bps on the MBS spread. Was the other questions based on the two bond hedge in exhibit 1?

I think I remember the questions now. Based on my understanding they are not in error.

MW… .I have the screen prints that show the exact same question being asked twice. I can deduce roughly what the one question was based on the answer, but you can’t ask the same question twice with two different answers.

Give me a ring.

I had a lot of trouble understanding this question. Can you explain what they mean by “sufficent spread” and how you would calculate/interpret what it would be?

I *hate* those #%*)%( samples. The red box of DOOM drives me insane. And the prompt questions and answer keys sound like they were written by a robot.

i noticed the same thing, the first time it asked the question, the given multiple choice answers made no sense

last year they had more errors in the sample… this year they are better/