CFAI Ethics examples

During our recent group study review session, somone mentioned that the Ethics examples in the CFAI book do not necessarily point out all of the violations (within that example) when they are talking about a specific Standard. For example, if they are discussing Standard I(A) in one of the examples and if that example contains multiple violations CFAI will only point out the violation for Standard I(A) and will leave the rest out. I find this odd and I personally think that CFAI has not provided too complex of an example (the examples in the reading) to warrant multiple violations. Otherwise, this would really confuse the heck out of a reader. Just wanted to make sure you guys have the same understanding. Cheers.

Anyone have an opinion? Would be good to get a consensus. Thanks.

In an example pertaining to a particular standard, obviously CFAI will only talk about the violation of that particular standard. These are just examples and each standard has its own set of examples listed. Going through questions you would know that each question would have some number of violations and we would have to know which standard in particular. These examples are only for our understanding of each standard.

Thanks. But the question remains though - do any one of the examples breach multiple violations (albeit CFAI uses ONE relevant standard to prove the violation). Again, this is only on the actual reading. Obviously, the Q&A at the back for both CFAI and Schweser contain many examples with multiple violations in one question.

Depends on the question right. If any of the examples breach multiple violations then there would be an option in the answer saying - this act is a violation of standard X and standard Y. If you are asking specifically which examples have such a thing - no idea… All th best with ethics!