CFAI Ethics material

Where can i obtain a copy of the CFAI ethics material? I really dont want to buy the whole packet cuz i wont be readin it besides the ethics part. Is the Schweser ethics really not enough to get the job done like many threads suggested??

Yes, use the notes only to complement the official CFAI volumes. Ethics: GIPS: Don’t say I never did anything for you :slight_smile:

When studying these, would you recommend to read throught all of the material multiple times, or read through it once and use practice questions to reinforce?

QUESTIONS!! Keep doing questions until you run out of questions…

That’s what I though. It doesn’t seem like you get a lot out of just reading through it again. I have lots of free time at work, so I’m just trying to find the best way to spend my time. Right now I’m reading through the Secret Sauce.

forgive my ignorance, i have seen “the secret sauce” referenced several times on AF, what is it? That is a link to the secret sauce on Schweser’s site. It’s basically a 200 page summary of a lot of the most critical concepts of the program. I read through it during my commute and while at work. It reinforces a lot of the main concepts. I think it’s worth the $79.00 they charge.

thx alot gunz!

Is it too late for the Secret Sauce?

It’s definitley not too late for the Secret Sauce. The people I’ve talked to that have used it said it is the most helpful the week leading up to the exam to reinforce some of the most important points.

Cheers. I’ll get it now. Here goes another $$$ for Kaplan.

does anyone know where i can get the secret sauce in the uk? schweser is charging me a monster delivery charge.

I dont think you have a choice Cielito. I tried but couldnt get anything in London. All Kaplan Schweser outlets in London are mainly focused on CIMA, ACCA etc materials. So i have ended up buying from US.

have just found it from… they are just down the road from me (borough high st) might pop in tomorrow and see whether i can get one. they’re selling for £35.