CFAI Exam Scores

Hi Guys, have you started taking CFAI online exams yet? I just took the version 4 and got 68% which is fail. How you guys are doing?

I took a couple and got mid 60s… It sucks…but at least we should know the reasons why we missed what we did after reading the correct response…

I’ve taken 3. First one was a 51%. Second was an 80%, I was feeling great that day. I took the 3rd one today and got a 56%. I obviously have a lot of work to do in this short time. Especially on ethics.

took 2 this weekend and failed both. 2nd one was better than the 1st. seem to be good practice. definitely different than the type of sample questions I’ve been practicing. i don’t like how you can’t go back and review your answers.

i took 2… first 68 sencond 70 the thing that annoys me is that you cant review them… so i am trying to write down the questions as i am taking it and then i have no time. i start rushing and then make a stupid mistake… i am going to thake the 3rd one on thursday w/ out writing down the q… to see how i am really doing… also i hate taking tests where they show the answer right away. b’c when i get one wrong i keep thinking about it… much rather them give me the answwers at the end

Nikko, The ethics portion of the 3rd CFAI practice exam is much harder than the others. I would suggest taking it after the 4th exam or allowing for extra preparation time.

70 and 76 xavier & nikko …you guys didn’t hear this from me but you might think about using alt prnt screen to copy the questions and paste into a word document…just a rumor I heard.

took version 3 today. 73%

Took version 5 and got a 65%. Made a few dumb mistakes though. Going to take another one tomorrow.

1st 80% 2nd 82% 3rd 75%

How did you guys find them vs Schweser Book 6? Harder/Easier? Was the format and language of the questions any different? Does anyone fancy posting an example of what they remember the questions ahem *might* have looked like? Thanks in advance…

I thought the CFAI exam was much easier to understand. The numbers that they use are simpler than Schweser (in general) and the questions don’t take as much time to answer. However, the questions were a little trickier and a lot of them had two things you had to figure out to get to the correct answer. I got 100% in quant just because of the way the questions were worded and did much worse on the Schweser quant questions. I highly recommend taking at least one of the CFAI exams to get a feel for what the test is going to look like.

Thank prossetti, that’s really useful. Hand in pocket time again…

i agree cfai exam was very straightforward. we’ll get it down just fine if we just keep plugging away. i think ethics is just repetition and reading the question carefully. 1 major thing i learned from taking the cfa samples is that 1.5 min per question is plenty of time. i think schweser and stalla load a few LOS into 1 question, which makes the problem more complex to solve. so we are used to grinding through a bunch of numbers. it’s a good strategy and will payoff in the long run b/c you end up reviewing and learning more per question.

I’ve taken the first 3 and been in the 65% range on each. Part of my problem is taking it on the computer–I tend to make stupid mistakes that I don’t think I otherwise would have taken a written test.

For those of you who did more than one practice exams, which one do you think is the most difficult one? I’m probably not going to more than 2 practice exams and want to choose the most difficult ones to do.

practice exam 3 is more difficult than 1 and 2.

Agreed. I’ve done the first 3 and I felt the 3rd was the hardest