CFAI Exam v. 5

I just took the CFAI practice exam and got a 68%. On the BSAS exam on Sat, I got almost all the answers in ethics right (>90% both am and pm) but on this exam I got a 44% on the ethics. Anyone else find this test brutal? I think the knowledge is leaking out of my head.

took it last week and scored 70. I found ethics on this one ok. got smashed in quant, corp. finance and equity investments.

I also took exam v.5 today and scored 71% overall: Overall: 71% Passed Ethics: 66.67% Failed Quant: 57.14% Failed Economics: 50% Failed Corp. Finance: 80% Passed Equity Investment and Securities Mkt: 100% Passed Derivative Investments: 66.67% Failed Alternative Investments: 66.67% Failed Fixed Income Investments: 83.33% Passed Portfolio Mgmt: 100% Passed Anyone knows how reflective it is of the real exam? How’s the difficulty of this exam compared to other versions? This is the only exam I took so far and I randomly chose it.

I just took Level 1 version 3 Sample exam v5. Is this exam 3 or 5

Hi smeet, That is exam 3. How is your result? Hope that’s good. ~N

I got 80% in tht one

Good work smeet, have you taken any others? What about book 6?

I have just taken Exam 3 PM and got 83 on tht

Btw I think there a couple of mistakes in Schweser ans from Exam 3 afternoon session. Have you taken the exam?

I am taking both Exam 3 sessions tomorrow.