CFAI Exams

Are they all the same difficulty level? If they are not could someone let me know which is the hardest?

cfai web site posts exam pass rates for ~40 years.

I think TJR meant the 60 question practice exams which you can buy for $50. I don’t know if they vary in difficulty, they are probably all hard.

Yes. I meant the $50 practice exams.

Will last year’s CFAI sample online tests almost close this this year’s? Do they often add new types of questions? I know LOS doesn’t change as much form 2006. Thanks!

I wrote in june and unfortunately didn’t pass, I have done a couple of the CFAI practice exams for December and literally some of the exact same questions that were on the REAL june exam were on the practice exams so they are definetley a good resource.

Do they give you detailed answers for the questions? Dreary

yes, as soon as you answer it tells you if you were right or wrong, and then gives the LOS and the description. You can print all that minus the question out afterwards.

Oh, so the CFA exams you get solutions as you go? that must interrupt the test-taking flow, thoug. I thought you would basically take the exam like you would at the test day (except with breaks if you want them), and within the 48 hour period you could then go over solutions.

Hi stratus, meaning to say that I can print out the exam question for 2nd or even 3rd review of it? all must be done within 48hrs?

Weird - I don’t know, those were questions I was asking. I haven’t taken any CFAI practice tests. I would like to, but I vaguely recall seeing something about only having access to the solutions for 48 hours. If that is true, I want to make sure I’m good and ready, with lots of free time, before I’d pay for one of those. weird Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hi stratus, > > meaning to say that I can print out the exam > question for 2nd or even 3rd review of it? > all must be done within 48hrs?

I’ve taken the first 2 CFAI exams. I scored poorly on the 1st one with 51%. I took the 2nd one today and scored an 80%! You do see the answer after each question. I wasn’t able to copy and paste or print the screens. What I did was have Microsoft word open, and just type up notes on some questions I got wrong or tips I might want to review. Does anyone know if the exams they are offer vary in difficulty? I found the questions on the 2nd one extremely easy. I even scored 100% on econ, which I consider my weekness.

hmmm… now im wondering when to buy the exam questions… moto376: is it true that we only have 48hrs access to it? and does the answer comes w solutions?

Yes that is true. It is similar to qbank questions in that it posts the answer and explanation after each question, and you do only have 48 hours.

So would you recommend those in addition to the Scweser review exams or would you just recommend the CFA Institute practice exams?

moto376, now I know that you cannot copy or do screen-print of the questions while taking the test. But are you saying once you completed the exam you got 48hrs to see your questions and solutions? Can we copy or save those web pages once finished with the test?? Thanks.