CFAI Exams?

Guys I got a couple of questions on the CFAI Exams: Can you just login to the CFAI site and give an exam right away? OR Do u need to process a payment and setup a time for giving an exam? Can you select which exam you wanna give - as in 1, 3, 4 or 5 or does it always start from Exam # 1? Also I know that u get 120 mins for a 60 qstn exam but how much time do you get to review it once it finishes? Is the review in printable? Any answers on this are highly appreciated.

you have to go to the site and get a unique user and password that they have assigned to you using your CFA ID #. You can pick whichever of the 5 you want to take in any order. You have to pay before you start the tests. You can print off the answers or take as much time as you want to review, but once you click “next” to go on to the next question, you can’t back up and check the last one again.

budfox… Am i right to understand you should print out each question after you complete the question review as there is no question and answer summary available for print at the end of the test?

there is an answer summary with the corresponding LOS, but it does not include the question.

CFA Max - - There is no review of the question itself (once you go to another question you cannot go back to the previous question). - When you are completely done with the test you get a detailed answer explaination for each question, but you do NOT get to see the actual questoins again. - You have as much review time as you want after you finish the last question (review of the answers… NOT review of th questions). - Answers are printable and save-able (as a .pdf) - You can even go abck and review after you log out. The answers should be available at least until the actual CFA exam - As you are doing the test you can probably use printscreen and paste the question into MS Word. Not sure if this is against the test policy or even if it works, so check the policy before you do it. If it’s against poilcy then don’t do it. I have taken 2 of the tests (version 1, 2) and neither took me even 60 minutes, much less the whole 120. For the most part the questions were quick & easy if you knew the formula (no 10-step calculations like Schweser/Stalla seem to enjoy giving). I would reccomend taking 2 tests back-to-back and doing them in a 3-hour frame.