CFAI for Derivatives and Schweser for PM

I get a feeling that Schweser is missing on terms which are used in CFAI texts and which could possibly be mentioned in the exam leaving me riddled on exam day. I am left with one Book and that is Derivates and Portfolio Management. From past posts made, its been recommended to do Derivatives from CFAI, and Schweser for PM. Any suggestions? 'Cos I am planning to do both from the CFAI text.

if you are comfortable with derivatives generally (ie have done some work with them be it practical or theoretical) then do it with schweser. if you are quite pressed for time do PM with schweser but do the cfai eoc’s as they point out where the schweser material is lacking. then if you get some time later flick through the cfai sections

Hmmm… I have done derivatives in Level 1 though. Not much pressed for time at the moment as am going to be doing these two in a matter of 7 days. So will probably go for the CFAI text then.

PM is beast by itself. I would definitely do EOC questions for PM if you read Schweser

I will do all the questions. Don’t wanna leave anything to chance. But if you’re pressed for time, CFAI is better for Derivatives and Schweser for PM. PM is good only for the last chapter.