CFAI Free Exams

Can someone please kindly confirm how many FREE CFAI exams we can access from their website? Is it only… 2010 Mock Item Set (PDF) 2009 Essay (PDF) 2008 Essay (PDF) 2007 Essay (PDF) 2006 Essay (PDF) So there are NO FREE ONLINE EXAMS - correct or incorrect?

2007-2009 and Mock

So any FREE online exams? Or do we have to pay for each online exam?

So any FREE online exams (i.e. the ones that you answer on the CFAI website and they give you answers after each Q)?

In addtion, there are 2 sample exams - $40 a pop

Okay, so no more free exams then Thanks people

The 2009 mock is floating around somewhere in google land

Does anyone have links for the 2007/2008 mock exams?

skillionaire sent them to me awhile back b4 my hard drive crashed …he has copies of 1963 mocks too