CFAI Free Sample Exam #1

Just did this 30 question exam and scored 80%. But I think the exam’s difficulty level is consistent with Schweser practice exam. In CFAI exam, is it true that you have to answer every question before proceeding? My mood is destroyed after seeing my first answer is wrong… Are there ways to read all the questions, then answer them and finally grade them?

I think that happens only on the CFAI mock exam where it just gives you a final score after with a pdf of the correct answers.

so the mock exam is given in the same format as the sample exam? If this is the case, I will save my 100 dollars for something else…

No, I have not yet done the mock exams but from what I have see on the forums the mock exam simulates a real exam where it will not tell you if your right or wrong on the questions right away until the exam is completed. I know it does not give you any feedback until your exam is completed. It will not tell you which questions were right or wrong. It will just give you a pdf of the solutions and you have to guess which questions it was and try to figure it out yourself.

thanks. may go for it next weekend.

can you go back to a previous question and change answers? thanks.

not on the sample exams. not sure about the mock exam…