CFAI Institute Practice Question

Is it just me or are teh CFAI Institute question 10x harder than Kaplan’s Qbank. Hopefully the test is more along the lines of Kaplan and NOT CFAI (especially FRA).

I would say generally speaking some of the CFAI questions can push you out of your comfort zone. Schweser does a good job, however, instilling a foundation in you that is necessary for passing the exam. Remember though, the Schweser QBank is broken into three categories of difficulty, so if you’re able to, I would recommend challenging yourself a little more. If you’re able to crush the most difficult questions for any given topic you know that you have done a fantastic job covering the material.

All in all, don’t ignore the CFAI questions, but, if something’s way over your head and is taking an abnormal amount of time to complete there’s a good chance that type of question won’t be on the exam. It’s likely there to expand you’re thinking on the specific type of problem.

Hopefully this helps and good luck with your studies!