CFAI Jobline

Hi CFA Candidates/CFA Charter holders,

I will like to find out how useful is the CFAI Jobline to secure interviews/ jobs. I will like to have an idea of the success rate if possible for candidates in Asia in particular because I am based in Hong Kong. I am thinking of signing up for a 3 month-access.


CFA L3 Candidate


It’s pretty good for US and London jobs, not sure about HK positions.

There use to be plenty of job ads in UK and US, some in Asia and few in HK. If 47$ are not big deal for you, maybe you should sign up and check it out…

I have found it pretty useless for myself. What they do is pool together public job ads from a few portals and the links are often outdated. Mostly so hated by myself headhunter ads. However, it all depends on your profile and place in a programme.

^ I don’t totally agree with that. They do have jobs you can find from other sources, but it’s not an aggregator like And I’ve run across numerous listings that I’ve never seen elsewhere

Do they have jobs for no experienced noobies like me or is it only for the experienced and charterholders?

both. I would say on average, there are more requests for experience hires. Given how crummy the finance job market is… companies that do have openings have discovered they can get an unemployed person with experience with the same salary as a noobie