CFAI Level II Text Books for Sale - Sydney

Level II CFAI Texts for Sale – Sydney Location Hello In the excitement of passing Level 1 in December, I hastily registered for Level II. Unfortunately, I can no longer sit the CFA Level II exam in June. Hence, I no longer have a need for the 6 CFAI textbooks. However, I was wondering if anyone is interested in a copy of the texts to keep at the home or office? They are brand new and still in the box. I am located in Sydney however happy to ship them to your location. I paid the registration price of USD$688 or AUD$808. Will consider all reasonable offers. Happy to answer any queries about the books. Thanks and happy studying!

$20 bid from me

you’re gonna have a hard time selling the books since anybody who needs them to write in june 08 will already own them. just my 2 cents.

I hope you can understand that these books are virtually worthless to a L2 candidate as they recieve them as part of their registration fees. In fact the only time they would have valuable is the window between Dec LI exam and when passers could have registrered for LII as a potential way for them to do what many of us have done, both now and in the past, and get a leg up. besides, this forum isn’t eBay!

Thanks for the feedback. I understand everyone receives a copy of the books with registration. I thought I would just throw it out there to see if anyone is in need of a spare copy for the office or home to save carrying the books around. Would much rather the books go to a useful home then sit at my place gathering dust! So please shout if interested?