CFAI LII Sample Exams - Garbage

Just did the “free” sample exam online. Scored 80%… With cheat sheets in hand. For those of you who bought the LI exams that were 60 questions on every topic covered in the exam, don’t be surprised when you get through the 30 questions (5 item sets) for $40 and realize that every subject isn’t even tested. The free sample ends at Equity Investments, so no Fixed Income, PM, Derivatives, etc. There are only two exams available to purchase vs 5 for LI, so instead of 300 questions that we could take a crack at for LI, now we get 90. That just pissed me off so I though I’d let everybody know. Oh, and I failed ethics, LOL. FYI: Item Sets on First Sample (Prepaid Level 2 Version 1 2008 vs): Ethical and Professional Standards - Research Objectivity Standards - *Spoiler* a covered employee can’t say a recommendation that differs from a published report Quantitative Methods - Regression; hetero, confidence interval etc Economics - Purchasing Power Parity, Expected Spot/forward rates etc Financial Statement Analysis - Pension and Translation Question Equity Investments - Residual Income

There are additional “Mock” exam avaliable too.

Right, I’m just surprised that there are so much less questions available at LII at a higher cost per question. So be it, either way I’m buying all of them, it just hurts a little more.

doworkson Wrote: - > > So be it, either way I’m buying all of them, it > just hurts a little more. hurts less this year, they were $50 last that I recall

just took that prepaid one, it was actually from last year’s paid practice exam… sucks for me, since i paid 50$ last yr for the same free questions this yr…

good score

How many sample exams do they have ? 3 or more ?

3 sample exams (1 free + 2 paid) Apart from these, Institute is going to roll out 2 other mock exams in May’08. These mock exams would have more vignettes/exam and would be more expensive ($60 per mock) So, in brief, there are total 5 exams to take!!

hmmmz… 2 x 60 + 2 x 40 = 200 bucks. Don’t know if I’ll do them all… will depend on the score.

I spent two hundred on the first level, I found them well worth it. Some questions on the examples have a way of showing up on the actual exam.

2 mocks cost you $100 if u buy both of 'em together and that makes the total 180… see I saved you $20, now what about you buying me few drinks

I took the $50 exams for Level I and it was worth every penny. I will definitely pay the $100 for the full CFA practice exam. As for the topics, the website mentions which sections are covered in each exam.

Can you review the questions and answer explanations at any time after the test or do you not have access to it once your 120-minutes are up? Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks!

At the end of the time, you will have access to the answers. But you will not see the questions again.

I took 1 in level I and it was really worth it. If the free one is useless why pay for other 2. ? We should stop paying for other 2 exams. They will realize and make it better for next year (worth our money).

it is us who want those tests. It wont make any difference to CFAI. They will anyways hike the exam fee every other year.

I would expect the free exam to be of lesser value compared to the ones we pay for.

hmm, that’s not what I wanted to hear, but I guess that’s better than not being able to access anything. Thanks.

I’m fine with it, will most likely be doing all 5.

Is it possible to print the questions?