CFAI Material vs. Schweser: Level 3 Retaker

I am wondering if there were many successful level 3 candidates who relied solely on the CFAI curriculum. If so, did you utilize the print version or the ebook version? For my first attempt at Level 3, I relied only on Schweser. This was clearly insufficient for passing the AM section (Band 8). Trying to make a game plan for retaking the exam and would welcome any suggestions.

Also, any CFA Charterholders care to share the ways in which the charter has impacted their professional careers? Anyone in Risk Management?


The way I studied for level 3 after a fail attempt in 2015 is that i use Schweser’s on demand video/weekly class to learn concepts but practice with CFAI text book blue box/EOC questions. You would know if the Schweser material is not sufficient after you started practicing. For the topics that are not covered by the schweser materials, i read through relevant sections of the CFAI textbook. Interestingly, these topics are fairly straight forward and easy to digest. I started in December and studied appox 5-10 hours a week and got through all topics in early May. I had two weeks off prior to the exam to study besides all the doctor’s appointments i had to go and only practiced the AM section of the past 3 years + mock. I kept it truthful and timed myself. My passing scroecard wasn’t great but i did my best considering the circumstances. Hope this helps.

Which is the best Schweser classroom to use? I used the US online classroom for level 2 as I taught Andy Holmes was the best instructor. Anyone know who is the best for level 3?

Schweser + CFAI EOC/BB


Level 3 retaker here….solely relied on the CFAI material.

For the 2016 Exam I used the following:

  1. 2015 Print edition of the books, read any updated parts using the e-books.

  2. All of the Online Topic Tests minimum 2x each.

  3. Morning Mock exams since 2011

  4. CFA afternooon mock exams (they give you two).

  5. I used the ebooks to quickly look up concepts or where I got answers wrong on the topic tests.