CFAI material vs. Schweser notes

Hi All,

Heartiest congratulations to all who have successfully passed L3 and all the best to re-writers like me.

Question: I studied CFAI study material but could not pass this year. I am wondering if I should stick with CFAI material or switch to Schweser notes or should I use a combination of two? I am planning to self study.

Any advise will be helpful.

Thank you!

I thought Schweser did a good job on the quantitative material. CFAI probably his the portfolio management (private wealth, institutional, behavioral) better. A combination of the two couldn’t hurt or supplement CFAI with another option like Marc Meldrum.

I am a big fan of paperback CFAI. I passed without using any external supplier, but I did read the curriculum twice and used notebook to take notes. I am a very visualized person, so paperback book and hand-written notes with lots of practices helped me to pass.