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All references in by COB Tuesday - still under review. Normal? How long should I expect?

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What country are you applying in?

Outside the USA the process is very quick.

Inside the USA the process can take a couple weeks. My process took about 10 days. Friends applying to non-US CFA societies got theirs done within 24 hours while I waited for mine to come through.

So don’t worry about it much, it will hopefully happen for you soon! Cheers👍

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I’m in the US, so that makes sense. Thanks for the insight!


I am in the US (Tucson area). Mine got approved in 24 hours.

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Your local society thankfully moves fast! Denver told me up to 3 weeks but it ended up being 10 days.

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Well it’s officially been over a week since my references have been in and still nothing.

All these years of work and now I’m just sitting around waiting for the ability to use these letters!

I haven’t heard anything from either CFAI or the local society that I applied to. Am I supposed to be approved for both separately? Or does this get lumped into one process?

The administrative anxiety of this!

Looks like you’re having a similar experience to mine.

Don’t worry, you’ll most likely get an email within a few more days.

Mine came almost 2 weeks later. I’ve heard of longer cases than that even, in the USA.

Your approval email will come buddy, it’s just the administrative delay many of us face… and will continue to face… due to being located in America.

Sorry for this frustrating waiting period, I hope it concludes for you very soon my friend :+1:

This is why I would recommend to all our American colleagues - if you feel good about your exam then definitely apply for CFA membership a few weeks before results day. That way you’re not sitting around waiting to use the hard-earned three letters for an extended period.

Hello there.

Mine was completed a few hours after the references were submitted.

By the way, does anyone know where there is information about when the major newspapers (FT, WSJ) publish the list with the new charterholders?

Thank you

It is true. I am outside the US and what delayed my application is that my reference was not getting CFAI email (corporate email address) I was worried of using a personal email, I thought it was less reliable, eventually I did and when my third reference submitted it, next day I got the approval! I really think it depends on the society.

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