CFAI mock 2 missing!

Ok, I just paid $100 and took mock 1. For some reason i cannot find the link to take the mock 2 exam. I thought I saw a similar thread the other day…someone had the same problem. Anybody got a clue what is going on or do I need to call the CFA institute?

I takes awhile to show up.

It’s been 2 hours? Do they make you wait 3 full hours before you can move on to mock 2?

I haven’t actually done them…I just heard other people had the same problem. Some were trying to simulate gameday with a 1 hr break in between mocks and the second didn’t show up in time.

That is weird because my coworker took it back to back, no problem. Alright…i’ll be patient and see…i’ll give it another half an hour…after 3pm…i’m calling the CFA institute. wait…what # do i call for this stuff…???

Therez a email link for their support on the first page…found it its

All, I’m set to take both ‘mock’ exams in the next few days: Should I prepay for them ASAP so that they can both appear on my ‘CFA Dashboard’ without incident? Thanks in advance…,709802,709821#msg-709821