CFAI Mock 2015 AM Results

I know we have a couple of threads going around here with regards to mocks, but since this is one of the mocks available to all candidates, I’d be interested to see where we all stack up to one another.

Has anyone taken it yet? If so, what did you score? I took it for the first time tonight and disappointingly finished with a 67%. I found it much harder than Schweser where I had been averaging close to 78%.

Just wondering everyone elses scores. Oh boy

I managed a 67% for the morning session too (havent done any EOC yet just the schweser problems). There were plenty of details that I missed during the test. I think I could’ve get a 75% if I’d paid more attention. Anyway, no worries though, they say the actual exam is going to be easier than the mock.


P/S: please see this thread and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

You managed a 67% on the CFAI mock without any CFA EOC’s? That’s pretty impressive. Kudos to you. I haven’t gone through the answer sheet you, but my take is I could have easily done worse not better.

Can you look at the answer for question 34 AM and tell me your thoughts? Thank you.

I am scoring less than 50 after doing most of the CFAI EOCs…

I think I am really bad on the retention… and I guess being overconfident from getting 70 above in all topics for Level 1 also has an influence.

Im with you - Ive been stuck in the 50-65% range for anything Ive been doing, Schweser, CFAI EOC, Mock (exception of CFA AM which I was less than 50%) - seems like I learn one thing then forget the last all over again.

Just gotta keep doing more questions. Also I am exhausted at looking at this shit

Got 75% on both the PM and AM exam.

Only cheated when the answer key was rearranged in some BS way even though I answered correctly like:

A. Method C

B. Method A

C. Method B

Takes so much out of you when you do these mocks. When you’re going crazy to get close to the answers shown, only to realize you screwed up on calculating WACC and have to go back to calculating from scratch. You have to pay so much attention, one slip in detail causes you the answer most of the time.

I take note of areas where I can brush up.

Congrats on 75%. Pretty solid

Past performance does not guarantee future results

I took the CFAI AM exam (55%) at the beginning of April (had just finished all Schweser reading and EOC) and have spent the rest of my time doing the vignettes on the CFAI website.

Do you all think those are representative of the exam? I mean, I’ve done all of them and averaged around 60%. Have any of you been working on those or have any experience as to whether or not they are similar to the actual exam?

Plan to retake the CFAI AM and PM this coming weekend…

From my experience with Level I, I would say you need to be comfortable with the Mock exams and subject test questions from the CFA Institute. I felt the real exam was [perhaps] slightly more clear and straight forward – not easier, but definitely more precise in the wording in comparison to the official mocks (if it were possible). I don’t see why this would deviate for Level II, but, then again, I haven’t taken LII. I think if you’re consistently scoring in a certain way, then, you can expect similar results on the real exam (unless you’re using 3rd party material-- then it will possibly deviate).