CFAI Mock A AM vs Schweser

Score: 82%

I am shocked at this result considering my Schweser Mock 3 in Volume 1 was a 62 percent overall. Not sure about the remaining portions of these mocks but I found what I took very straight forward.

Does anyone think this is what the real exam will be like? If so, I am not concerned at this point. I really do hope this is what it’s like.

you scored 82% on the CFA mock exam or on the schweser one?

Apologies, the CFAI mock exam on the official website.

I’ve had similar experiences. I have a hard time answering the Schweser questions as they’re a little ambigious and the info needed to answer the question is all over the place. It’s like a treasure hunt.

Anddd I spoke too soon… 70 on the PM of Mock A. Overall 76 for the first mock is good I guess though.

Yes I believe it is good, make sure to revisit the wrong questions to leverage your score

Part of it, I believe, comes down to luck. Sometimes you hit questions u know and sometimes you get hit with stuff you have no idea.

because there is 7000 plus pages of curriculum? This is arguably the most insane standardized test on the planet. My gf is a doctor and swear the MCAT is harder butttttt idk if I “concur” haha see what I did there?

Seriously though, passing this test comes down to 3 things. Putting in the work while being able to retain information, practice (including HOW the CFAI tests you), and then being able to analyze your analyzing; ie looking at where you are strong vs weak.

Ive indentified and made a list of 4 area across approx 7 readings where I am a little rusty at this point. I will cover them in the next 10 days to make sure that no matter what is thrown at me, I can hit 70 overall.