CFAI mock and topic tests

I want to ask if the CFAI mock exam is just a combination of some of the topic tests, or is it a completely different one? If it is no different from the topic tests I may just skip it and just focus on the topic tests.


incorrect michael.

Topic Tests as ive compared back to 2009 Mocks are more comprehensive.


Around 70% of Topic tests included in Prevous Mocks

90% of Mock vignettes will be found in TOPIC TESTS. the remaning 10% are REDUNDANT vignettes, but given the benefit of the doubt and completeness review it on a very light read.

The 2016 Mock Exam from CFAI are totally different vignettes from the 80+ Topic Tests. Even the one Equity vignette (Yee) is different between the Yee vignette in the CFAI Mock and the Yee vignette in the Topic Tests.

How about the CFA 2015 mock? Is it similar to the 2016 mock using some repeats?

If you did this year’s topic tests, you’ve done a solid chunk of the 2015 mock.