CFAI mock B score

What did you guys score in the morning and afternoon sessions?

Still haven’t done it.

Maybe next week will do

is the PDF version avaliable?

I’m gonna do it this weekend.

Let me know how you guys do in the AM session.

No, only exam A.

I got 83% on AM… doing PM tonight or tomorrow. Did surprising well on ethics at 100% which was a nice boost on the score. Alt was a nightmare though. How you do?

Alt really? AFFO NAV stuff? Hate that area of it. Rest I am fine on.

Is mock B any different than mock A?

70% (42/60) AM currently on to the PM section on but there was not even a single derivatives question in both AM and PM sections. As am retaking most of the cases there were the TTs last year. I spend and average 2 hours on each session

And Finally PM session again 42/60 (70%)

I’m saving these for the last 2 weeks. That’s really strange that there were no Derivatives questions

Just finished Mock B PM… Got 88%… I have no idea how… I thought this was the toughest mock and I’d end up around 65%… I did 10/12 on ethics but I felt like I guessed on more than half of them… And Quant I did 100% on quant even though I didn’t understand any of it… Seem like the questions had nothing to do with the material lol…

Is there a performance tracker on the CFAI website for the mocks, the way there is the percentile ranking for the Topic Tests?

or maybe you’re just the man…lol

You may be right.

totally screwed at 52% for PM

I got 62% on this mock (my worst mock so far). I got crushed in the FI vignette.

77% in the PM. Feeling much better after the AM.