CFAI Mock Difficulty

I have found the CFAI June Mock (AM Starts with LaCompte) to not be as tough as I anticipated. Compared to the Schweser mocks it is a relative walk in the park. Aren’t the CFAI mocks supposed to be harder?

The March PM mock was hard as hell though!

no for lowering my confidance… I only got 62.5% in that mock…

The March AM session slayed my throat !!

I agree with you on the June exam … I did the AM session only and it was the highest score I got so far

The level II curriculum is so broad that only a small fraction ever appears on any one test. So the first mock may have just covered areas that you know better. How you perform on the real exam will have a lot to do with what area are tested. That’s why it’s really hard to predict your performance on the exam with mocks, unless you are consistently score high.

^ Agreed, they may test you on your weak areas on exam day and boom your score drops to low 60s. So its very unpredictable. Dont be disappointed of your score man only real exam counts :slight_smile: