CFAI Mock Exam online

Does anyone know when the Mock Exam will be available on the CFAI Online Study Tool?
As of today, I don’t see anything.

Two months before the exam, as mentioned on their website

Thanks, didn’t know that timeline.
Anyway, I’d say we are close enough to the exam date…

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CFAI mock is available now.

Is CFAI giving us one or two mocks? I thought they gave two last year, but I can’t remember if they made them available at the same time.

I was wondering the same thing. I hope it will be two, one would be ridiculous.

Did last year CFAI issue two morning mock exams?

I see this 2020 mock includes both AM + PM.

I was wondering how was last year’s mock exam.

Anyone took last year’s exam, could you please confirm? Thanks.

They published two PM exams for mocks last year. Previous AM mocks were more relevant so that might have been the reason why the AM mock was not provided.

Where do you find 2020 Mocks on CFA site??

You can find it here: in the learning section or you can go to cfa website, it also tells you the mock is available now.