CFAI Mock Exam: Question 26 PM

How do they get the equivalent annuity of 6.89 with the below cacluations PV =30MM FV = 0 I =10% I get a PMT of 5.14.

N = 6. i tried it just now, got 6.89.

Yeah N =6. Why am I getting 5.14. Is something wrong with my calculator?

check its using 1 period and not 12 periods. its the xP/Y one above the N key. cant remember how to set it, but i think that must be set wrongly for you.

Pv negative sign…just kidding? Try to clear the memory and try Welcome back!

see NOW i am fired up to keep studying. welcome back amigo. hope the sweatshop isn’t too lonely these days.

OK I got it set back to 1 period. Fack how the hell do this happen?

make sure that you input PV with a negative sign