CFAI mock exam questions: help!

All, Quick question: I may be being stupid here, but now that I have taken the first part of the CFAI mock exam, I can’t find seem to access the original questions anymore: the feedback sheet gives the answers without restating the questions which makes them less helpful than you might otherwise hope. Am I missing something obvious (like a way to review the questions?) or is this just the way the mock exam works? Many thanks! B.

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Thanks for your reply. It seemed so incredible to me that they would not let you review the questions, but give you the answers, that I though I was missing something obvious. I have been selected for the pre and post exam feedback and I will mention this and make it very clear that this is a monumental stupidity. By the way, I also wrote to the guys who host the test and this is what they wrote: "I’m sorry but it is the policy of CFA not to give answers or content of an exam. Once you have completed the exam and select SCORE, you are unable to go back into the exam. This has been the feedback from many candidates. I am sending your email to CFA for their review session at the end of the testing session so your feedback can be heard. Thank you "