CFAI mock exam scores

I apologize if this thread is already started; I didn’t find it after a search. After pretty much killing it on Schweser Practice Exams, Volume 1, I decided to switch gears and see what the CFAI had to throw at me. Fairly brutal multiple choice set, imo. I got 65%, wonder how that compares to other AFers.

I took it this morning and got a 68%. I got destroyed on the GIPS - 0 for 6. I took the 2010 mock last weekend and got an 80%, so I am a little worried about the 68%.

72%, ethics destroyed me as usual. Also did poorly on equity questions.

70%… case for international diversification messed me up… havent gone thru that reading much.

got a 68, there was one set that i went 2/6 on. i am an ethical superstar, though.

is mock 2010 relatively easier than the 2011 one or is it just me!

I took the 2010 mock last week, but can’t locate my answer key to grade it. Anyone know where I can track one down or would be willing to share just the answers? Taking 2011 today after the 2008 am essay…wonderful day!

Where can I get the 2010 mock exam question and answer paper?