CFAI Mock Exam vs. Schweser Practice Books

Ok, so I had been taking the Schweser Book 6 practice exams and I was starting to feel discouraged by them. Believe it or not I got 62% or 63% on every single session. This was especially frustrating given the amount of quality study that I have been putting into this so far. So when I took the first half of the CFAI Mock Exam my hopes weren’t set too high. However, I scored a 75%, which I was of course thrilled with. Did anyone else find the mock exam much more well written and easier to understand than the Schweser practice exams, or am I alone in this? It seemed like night and day to me.

I think people who score well on bk6 are qbank users. I assume qbank and bk6 questions are similiar. Is that right?? I don’t have the qbank and I am like you. My bk6 scores are in mid 60’s but cfa samples are in 70’s.