CFAI Mock Exam

paid 100 bucks…bought the 2 mock exams…took the first one and scored a pathetic 60%…scored 15% in quants…cudn’t have been worse…what abt others?

There have been about 10 threads on this within the last few days. A search will yield the fastest results. I got 68.

I am still contemplating if I should take CFAI mock. In this level, I have done one, and only one, BSAS mock. I got a very marginal 72% in both sections. I should buy the CFAI one for more practice, but I rationalize some reasons I am not going to buy it. 1. I hate doing any kind of tests in front of computer. 2. No matter how I score in the mock, it is still the mock, the purpose of mock is revealing what I need to study more in the rest of week. 3. If mock is helping you to get used to the format of exam, I think I am pretty good to work with vignette, so, another no. I don’t know I think I already decided. But, anyone can say anything to change my mind and tell me if CFAI mock is something you worth to do? Seriously, past year I finished all the Schweser book 7, and BSAS. I found BSAS was the best compared to the real exam. And, in this year, I didn’t buy Schweser, and simply I think I have enough in our compulsory CFAI materials.

Oh, some more info. I was taking Level I last year, and for sure, I am talking about Level II in this year. thanks for advice

some People have said that few questions do come from these practise test on real one.

Yup…i second that boston…

I just took the 1st mock and scored 83%. I decided to take it after reading one of ozzy’s posts earlier. He is right about the fact that they word things much differently than Schweser. I dont think it was any harder than Schweser book six, but you did have to look at the questions differently. There were definitely less computational problems, which i guess can be bad or good depending on the person.

I just did 61%. I am very disappointed I need more computational problems