CFAi Mock Exam

Am I going crazy or can we not print the mock exam this year? for Level I we were able to download as a pdf and print (worked perfectly for me as I like to take the exam in the lib.). This year it seems as that the mock exam is online and interactive, thus cannot be printed out? Is this the case or am I loosing my mind?

Thanks all

yeah stupud cfai made a dumb change this year… really really really dumb.

Thanks for the response Providence, and yes it is extremely dumb for them to do so.

Thanks for the response Providence, and yes it is extremely dumb for them to do so.

You can print them using a program like CutePDF - if you mark your answer on the printed copy, pay attention to your answer selection when you choose it on the electronic answer sheet (CFAI jumbles the answer options every time you access the mocks or the practice assessments; i.e. answer A on your printed copy will not necessarily be answer A on the electronic copy).

Reply from CFA Institute -

We no longer provide the downloadable PDF version of the mock exam, but you still have the ability to print the practice assessments and mock exams, or convert them to PDF’s if you wish. The details on how to accomplish this are provided below:

To print an exam, PC users can hit CTRL+P and Mac users can hit Command+P.

Questions and answer order are shuffled with each use on many of the assessments. If a candidate wants to print out the exam, it’s important that they also hit submit and the print out the answers right away. If they shut down and come back later to print the answers they will find that they don’t match.

Those who print their exams out and take them on paper will lose the ability to track their scores in the system (unless they also enter their questions online before hitting submit). There is no way to manually score their papers and insert their score into the system for tracking. All assessments are printable, but Level I candidates would generally want to print the version called “Mock Exam – AM and PM” because they can then print all of their questions at once.

For Level II and Level III, candidates can only print out one item set at a time. For each item set they have to hit print, submit, print, submit, etc. till they get to the end of the exam. They can then print out all of the answers in one shot, though.