CFAI mock exams

Do you guys think it’s worth paying for the CFAI mock exams when I already have the schweser practice exams? I remember from Lv1, they didn’t help me that much. What do you guys think?

I always think it is worth it when it comes right from the people that are actually going to test me

worth it 100%… just to get used to the formating…

are they easy to work with? i tend to like to go thru the exams pretty fast and then compare vs. answers. so i need a nice printout of all the answers with the explanations (i usually write down my answers so i don’t really need a record or scoring)… is that included? i think the best part about these exams is seeing all the questions. only a limited number of things they can ask without being really nitty (which is possible too)

Can anyone tell me how the mock exams are different from the CFAI sample exams in terms of the formatting and difficulty. Thanks John

Each Sample- 2 hours, 5 vignettes, and solution provided after each question. Each Mock-3 hours, 10 vignettes, and all solutions provided at end of the exam.