CFAI Mock Papers

Can someone please confirm - Is the mock just one 60 q’s MCQ paper?

Not really good for someone getting 50’s in AM papers and 70’s in PM papers…

If so couple of q’s:

  1. has anyone tried the schewser vol2? from past levels I’ve found them to be overly difficult…

  2. has anyone tried the BSAS one? Does that have essay questions?

  3. any other mocks with essay questions?


I did schweser vol 2, I thought a lot of the questions were poorly worded. If you’re working next week, I’d spend the time on your notes and CFAI material…if you have the week off, I’d still ony be 50-50 about ordering vol 2

cheers - I found that all the AM papers are available online. So just going through those and my flashcards next week.