CFAI MOCK PM 33 Errata?

CFAI Explanation to Q33 PM Higher values imply lower interest burden or tax burden. Since Skate-O-Rama’s EBT/EBIT ratio is higher (.7917) than the industry (.6389), it has a lower interest burden. Furthermore,"""“Skate-O-Rama has a lower pretax margin”""" and a lower operating margin. Net Profit Margin = NI/EBT x EBT/EBIT x EBIT/Revenue Skate-O-Rama Industry Net Profit Margin (Net Income/Revenue) 2.88/46 = .0626 3.00/54 = .0556 Net Income/EBT (tax burden) “”“2.88/4.75 = .6063 3.00/5.75 = .5217"”"

The answer should be “Operating Leverage”

The correct answer is B. Interest Burden. Not sure what your question was