In question 13 of CFAI mock PM, they have discounted cash flows for 9 years to get the value of the bond on 1 January 2011 but it states in the text that bonds are maturing 31 December 2020. Shouldn’t we than discount cash flows for 10 years since time period is „end 2020 – beginning 2011“ ???

yes… 10 is the good number unless i can’t count to 10, but with my background i would guess that this is not a possible outcome

yea even i had the same doubt…its suppose to be 10 and 9 yrs…maybe its a mistake on their behalf…hopefully such a thing wont happen in the final ppr…

well i guess since all 2009 to 2012 mocks was full of errors, sample was full of errors, i would be suprise the real thing is not full of errors.