CFAI Mock Question 49 (Morning)

What am I missing? Plastics is packaging, Haines is food. Even the answer says Haines is “closer to the consumer” - thus wouldn’t that imply you a FORWARD vertical merger, because you are moving to the FRONT of the supply chain, as opposed to backwards (towards suppliers)?

haines is food.

they make the food, they pack it with plastic and the sell it to distributors ( like supermarket)

if they buy a plastic maker then they backward integrate, since it’s a input of their product.

if they buy PUBLIX and then sell their food with them, that’s forward intergration

Why would a food company send their food to a packager? They would buy the packaging and put their food in it, then ship it to stores. If a food company buys the company that is SUPPLYING packaging, it would be backwards

Ugh, I misread. Haines is acquiring Plastic, so yes they’re going backwards. WTF… burnout for sure.

bro, I can’t wait for Alcoa Cola to show up on supermarket shelves

Finding a big part of wrong answers is reading the problem, trying to identify the concepts they could possibly ask about, then forgetting details when it comes to the questions. Makes so much more sense upon review, yet so frustrating