CFAI Mock Score Change

Took the mock yesterday and got a 75% on the PM. Was gonna look through my wrong answers today when I saw my scored changed to a 73%. Anyone else have this issue?

CFA institute is watching you, my friend. They have installed a webcam and noticed that you did not take your hands off your keyboard at the 3-hour mark. Though they immediately deducted you 2% for this violation, it still had to be processed overnight.

I know you’re making fun of me for being anal about one question. But I still laughed at your comment lol

Just a bit of banter;) Good luck buddy!

Funny, because I looked this morning and my mock score went from 65% to 63% on the PM and I took that mock like 3 weeks ago. I have my score written down in one of my note books too. The reason I noticed was because my average test score went down by one point on the study homepage.

Seems like there’s an error with question 60 on the PM. The answer choices are mixed up.