CFAI mock score was very low! HELP PLEASE?!

ok im really lostt i scored horribly on my CFAI mock exams 50% on the morning and afternoon. I feel very demotivated!!! im not sure there is any hope for me to pass ive been studying for the past 4 months and cant beleive i scored so low on the exam The problem is that i cant seem to focus on my weak areas cuz im scoring around the same on all sections!!and my performance isnt consistent t depends on the topics sometimes i score really high on something the next time not so much its weird! I REALLLLYYYYYY need advice on what to do in the next ten days and how i can maximize my time most effectively ! I WOULD REALLLLLLLY APPRECIATE IT ! ive done around 1500 qbanks and sadly that didnt help at all!! Also how close is the CFAI mock to the real exam? similar topics? LOS?etc Thanks

in my opinion QBank suck. I wasted my time doing QBank as well. All the questions in QBank are similar, once you get the pattern then it is only plugging numbers. Drop QBank and try Stella, Elan other paper mocks. I am in similar situation. On friday I was confident having done 1500+ QBank questions, yesterday I did mock. Got 50% and chnaged my strategy. Stay focused and don’t give up. regards, Alex

sara in the same boat averaging 50% on one mock last week and again yesterday. I have been focusing on reviewing from the text/notes in my weak areas. Bad idea. Like the previous comment, Im dropping q bank and from here on in all mocks… nothing else. Even if you cant do them in a timed session just do them… and diversify elan, schweser, stella. this is def achievable just dont get bogged down, this stuff isnt hard its just hard to internalize the sheer volume of the material. good luck

this year’s CFAI mock is pretty hard you have to admit it, dont think the actual exam is as hard.

lzen5 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > this year’s CFAI mock is pretty hard you have to > admit it, dont think the actual exam is as hard. I think CFAI actually went out of there way to completely nullify all supplemental material providers. I actually see them cherry picking topics that you could only get correct if you only used CFAI books. S/F/O I’m surprised there were so few topics concerning ratios…

10 days people what the hell do we do ??? i need a plan please helpp!!! im panicking!!! i feel im all over the place…

Are you making careless mistakes or are you absolutely totally lost on the questions you are getting wrong?

both …some im totally lost( which are few) some are reallllllllly silly mistakes and some i just forgot. im planning to go over my summary of the material over the next 5 days then spend the last 5 days doing schweser practice exams?? what do you think?? do youhave a better idea

You guys are scaring me a bit. Is it that much more difficult than the Schweser exams? What about the Elan mocks? I’m taking it Friday…

I was in a similar situation for the december exam. My advice is to go through each wrong answer and learn the correct answer/method. It’s a bit of a slog, but it’s the only way to catch up. If you are making silly errors, then you might need to take a stress break. Keep in mind that failing the exam is not the end of the world. December is around the corner… :slight_smile:

I’d imagine if you know the mock back/forward you’ll be set for the actual exam.

HI, 1) Relax - panicking is not going to help. You have 11 days left. It’s do-able. 2) When I did my first mock (2 weeks ago), my overall score was about 50%. Now, my score is around 70% and it’s rising with every mock. 3) I’m only doing Mock exam questions and EOC questions of the chapters I’m weak in. I don’t think reading will do you much good at this point. 4) The way I best learn from the mock exams is that I look at all the questions I got wrong and review them manually. By that, I mean that I don’t just read the right answer, I actually manually re-verberate it afterwards and try to solve the question after having looked at the pointers. This helps me remeber the formulae and the steps to solving the more complicated questions. 5) If I totally don’t get a concept, even after having looked at the right answer, I read up on the subject in the Elan 11th Hour guide or the CFAI books. 6) I try to maximise by taking mocks from different providers: CFAI, Elan, Schweser. Hey, and if all else fails, you’ll just re-take the Exam in December. OK, you’ll be $300 out of pocket, but hey, there are worse things in life. IF you’re actually having problems grasping some of the important concepts, then it might even be a blessing in disguise to fail LI at the first try. If you don’t make it, you’ll have 6 more months to really dig into the concepts deeply and will probably ace LI in December and - more importantly - have a very solid base for L2.

saradee, or others who score low on Mock, how much did you get in QBank on average? I took December exam in 2009 (failed:). I scored around 70 on QBank and also around 50 on Mock. My actual score on the exam was somewhere in between i guess (10 grade of failed candidates) and I think that Mock was much more difficult than the real exam.

If your probles are FR&A, Sampling Theory or Fixed Income try BTW, you’re focussing on the wrong thing; doing mocks and learning what you got wrong means you have less scope to get things wrong on the 5th. If you were getting 100% on your early mocks either you are a weird freak/genius or the mocks you were using are too easy!