CFAI mock vs. Schweser vol 1 exam 1- which one is harder?

I’m finishing up my reviews and planning to do Schweser vol. exam 1 tomorrow.

Seems like many people have done both of them, so I just wanted to get your thoughts on the difficulty of the Schweser mock exam.

Obviously it’s quite subjective, but knowing the consensus won’t hurt…thanks!

I found the CFAI to be more difficult but in a good way. If you really understand the material you can see where they are testing you, not to say they are trick questions but certainly they make sure you are thinking.

I did both, and i’d say CFAI is relatively harder.

CFAI is much harder than the first schweser practice exam. If you want a confidence booster, do Practice exam 1. If you want more of a challenge, Do the 3rd or 4th etc… In my opinion the schweser mocks get progressively more difficult.

CFAI is harder. I wouldn’t even bother with Exam1 in Volume1 if youre looking for something close to what will be replicated on exam day.

Thanks for all the feedback, I really apprecaite it.

Earily in the month I saw someone else posting his results, something like on Schweser he scored 72%, but CFAI he barely scored above 60. I guess that is the consensus…maybe I’ll revise online assessments and review notes instead. Thanks again everyone!