Took the CFAI Mock today and scored 65% on the morning, 68.33% on the afternoon (66.67% overall). Not sure whether to be pleased with these results or not. I read somewhere that a 67% gives you a very good chance of passing L2, but I have no idea how accurate this is. Anyone else have any idea?

I took the 2011 mock today and averaged 67% ( 63 Morning and 71 afteroon)… To play it safe, I would target 70+

Target 70+ % as the mocks are much easier than the real thing. 75% on the mock should hit around 67% on the real thing.


What makes you think they are any easier?

I wouldn’t say there is anything in it.

We all retain a certain ammount iof knowledge going into the exam. If subject matters come up that you know well, you may score 75-80% or perhaps 55-65% if by the (bad) luck of the draw they ask about areas you are weak on.

As no 2 mock or live exams are the same, I suggest it is difficlt to tell the difference between them, you will always find candidates saying the exam/mock was easy/hard, depending on their level of preparation and questions asked.

The above comments scare me…

Gave the CFAI mock today and scored about 55% (avg) on them…with two areas I thought I was good at absolutely crushing me…Ethics and FSA…

Have completed all CFA EOC as well as few Q bank questions, just dont understand where did I go wrong esp after the 70+ target given above…

Losing motivation, any help would be appreciated.

I love when people in here just come up with the most random stat and facts coming deep deeeeep out of their asshole!

y wud u think that…the CFAI mock is almost compatiable wit the real thing…mocks or practice exams provided by other providers like schweser for example is easiers than the real deal but the cfai mock not at all easier…we should aim a 70+ in all the 10 subjs…and then which ever is lower than 70, we shud work on that…my opinion…

u still have lyk a month left…practice mre papers…you probably only did topic wise questions and then when confronted with all the topics at once you couldn’t comprehend that well…my opinion…nywys all the best…

63% on 2012 CFAI Mock.