CFAI mock1-qn41 competitive strategy

Hi, I am talking about the competitive strategy of Belle Cuisine who is selling food to private hospitals. After reading the answer: “Belle Cuisine exploits the special needs of a niche mkt, ie high quality food for clients at private hospitals, by differentiating through branded quality products” I still don’t know the answer is *differentiation* OR *differentiation focus*? I opt to choose diff focus as the answer.

That’s what I got too: diff focus !

Agree! there are also some other vague answers that i would like to post later…

I think is differentiation… Considering he sells a whole range of branded products for the industry… Assuming he was selling just one product, then, ill say, its differentiation focus… Am i wrong in my thinking?

My opinion is that to qualify for differentiation, one need to be differentiate the product in different segment of the industry. For me the BC doesn’t qualify. Correct me if my understanding is wrong.

So, to be in differentiation, you need to be in different segments of the industry… this is getting better…

Which is correct answer differentiation focus or differentiation? Thanks

ferrari - focus; dodge differentiation (think hemi commercials - no one else uses a hemi engine); differentiation is product, delivery, marketing.

This was focus. I scored 100% on Equity so I’m pretty sure I got it right :wink:

Is this the question where the options where: a) focus b) cost leadership c) differentiation d) stuck in the middle ??? Maybe not, maybe it was another question. Can’t remember the question, but I know I wanted to choose differentiation focus but it was not an option, so I went for “focus”. Was this correct? can you choose just “focus” for a competitive strategy?

Differentiation ---------------- Your product is different in one or more of its characteristics. Don’t forget about the COST PARITY here, i.e. your product is perceived to be of equal cost relative to the products of your competitors. A pretty good example is mineral water. Think about it, mineral water is pretty standardized and it is hard to differentiate your product with the taste. However, companies compete by brand or additional characteristics like oxygen or special fruit flavors. Differentiation focus ---------------------- The Dodge-Ferrari example was excellent. Ferrari competes with a DIFFERENTIATION FOCUS strategy within a niche of the automobile industry, i.e. a sub-sector.