CFAI mocks are terrible

I just wrote my second full mock and it was full of repeat questions. It even had one question have the answer on it. If I saw this level of professionalism on another exam format like Kaplan I would ask for a refund.

Is this what I should be expecting for the real exam?

i just want to pass and right now with only a 72% overall those mistakes in the actual CFA exam could pass or fail me. It’s very frustrating to see this on what is supposed to be the best indicator of exam results.

/end vent

Don’t expect any questions that already have the answer given, at least not in that question.

Don’t expect repeats and answers given on the real thing. Very frustrating, I know. Focus on the questions you got wrong and why. 72% on a mock exam is pretty good. Keep doing them.

CFA Mock is still the best practice out there.

They just started doing that this year. Don’t expect to see a single question you’ve seen before on the real exam - only similar concepts.

the CFA’s penny pinching this year was annoying, printing the books on tissue paper and in black and white, making you purchase the useless online version of the curriculum, they mess up the online mock interface and reuse all the past mock questions…not to mention the errata every year

CFA mock had the same exact question repeated after let’s say #54 then #58 same one…

One question had the answer listed even though it was not the answer pdf format.

Then on one ethics question…They said C is the answer. And when explaning answer, it states: A is correct because ________.

Did anyone else catch this???I found it quite sloppy on their end.

Yeah there were at least 3 questions taken from the mocks. Free marks lol