CFAI Mocks Vs. the actual exam

The question is primarily for those who passed level II and retakers.

Is it safe to say that the level of difficulty for the final exam resembles CFAI mocks or there is difference?

Those who do well in the CFAI mocks, are they usually satisfied with the outcome of the actual test?

Do indicate specific year’s mocks while responding. If remember the mock scores during practice, then do include the range.

If a comment on CFAI sample exams on the same lines can be added, then it would be more useful.

Very fair question. I passed Level II last year. In one sense, taking a mock and taking a live exam is like comparing watching a movie to actually living it.

That said, I thought the 2011 mock and 2011 exam were comparable. There were suprises on the actual exam, especially in the pacing of questions, but I generally felt prepared.

I also took the 2010 mock and found it easier. A number of folks who took that year’s exam thought the exam was much harder than the mock.

Hope that helps, and good luck!